December 14th 2017


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A Britannia Adventure from Lisbon to  La Corunna


Continent: Europe. Country: Spain. City: Sintra.

A Britannia Adventure from Lisbon to La Corunna

By Richard Hill

May 2015 and I decided to try a 14 day cruise on the new P&O flagship Britannia.

As normal boarding was easy, car parked and bags disappeared, on board for lunch. Britannia is a different ship for P&O more like a good hotel inside with contemporary colours and a style that’s a bit more corporate. 

This cruise took us south to the canaries and even the Bay of Biscay was kind to us, first stop Lisbon, not over keen on this stop but we took a train to Sintra not far from Lisbon and this was really a nice place to visit. 

Onwards to Lanzarote, again not what I expected, did the official ride the camel tour and visit the natural park, it was amazing to see them pour water down a tube and see the steam fly out. 

The ship was very good, food amazing as normal we did the go as you please dining and that worked well for us, entertainment was just fantastic, including Jimmy James who was brilliant, in fact every show was top class. We had a balcony right at the front of the ship and new the sea, sometimes the banging at night of the waves kept us away but it all added to the feeling that you’re at sea.

Breakfast in the buffet added a couple of inches to my waist as did the super afternoon tea. 

Onwards to Grand Canary where we took a bus down to the coast to visit some beaches, the weather all along was great and you can’t imagine the hot sunny days we had. Another must visit place put it on your bucket list. 

Next stop Tenerife and were nuts we hired a car, drove up to the top of mount tide and it was hair-raising to say the least, such a nice island and we must go back. 

Funchal Madeira and again we hire a car, the lady was waiting at the port to greet us and give us the car, well I can tell you that this is the greatest / worse place in the world to drive a car, the roads were amazing and we climbed every mountain, it was breathtaking and very scary. I can say only do this is if you’re a fear junkie it’s the drive of your life.

We stayed late in Madeira so we had time to explore the main town as well as nearly killing ourselves on a mental drive. 

Final stop was La Corunna on the way home I had heard many things about this Spanish town and it lived up to expectations. Also we took the opportunity to visit Santiago de Compastella, this old Spanish town was full of pilgrims and history, and another place on my bucket list and you must put it on yours.

The trip home proved a bit more eventful as the Capitan advised us of a big Atlantic storm heading our way, he calmly said don’t worry we will try to go round it and avoid the worse. It did get a bit bumpy and the sick bags were out but it was not too bad, these modern ships really do cope very well with all conditions so I can assure you it did not spoil the journey at all.

I don’t want to preach but im a bit of a Billy graham when it comes to cruise, I really think you have to go and make your own greatest journey yourself. I hear all the things that could be bad about cruising but most of them at myths get on board and create some amazing memories for yourself. 

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