November 24th 2017


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MSC Preziosa Educational Trip MSC Preziosa Educational Trip MSC Preziosa Educational Trip MSC Preziosa Educational Trip MSC Preziosa Educational Trip


Continent: Africa. Country: Tunisia. City: La Goulette.

MSC Preziosa Educational Trip

By Rhian Saile,

Having just returned a few days ago, I wanted to share my trip with you all on board MSC Preziosa. As a seasoned cruiser, this was the first time I had ever sailed with MSC, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience.
The whole look and feel of the ship was very different from other cruise lines I have been on. It was less traditional than lines like Cunard, less “Las Vegas” than lines like Celebrity and less staid than lines like P&O. This style set the tone for the experience I came to find on the ship.

The biggest difference, though, was that the passengers were more diverse, and much younger than some other cruises that I have been on. It was more relaxed and family orientated. The whole ship, and the trip, felt like staying in a resort. A resort that catered for more diversity than other cruises I have ever been on. Other cruises have been more focused around pleasing one key group of travellers, but the MSC Cruise was more varied and had lots of different experiences. From the quiet calm of the Yacht Club through to the busy public pools, from quiet string quartets through to “Gangum Style” throbbing production shows and from a library through to 4-D rides. Very diverse.

MSC being predominantly Italian, Friends of mine who had been on MSC Cruises said that it might drive me a bit crazy having announcements done in 6 languages. It did not.
Maybe it was because I have been working in this environment  for most of my career and travel a lot, and so am used to multiple languages around me. However, I found that on-board most of the interactions and communication is given to you in your home language, and MSC try and reduce the amount of announcements that have to be made.
I am used to being on ships where about 80% or more passengers are English speakers, and I actually enjoyed the diversity and varied nature of the language around me on MSC. It made me feel the ship was more exotic – and not just a piece of the UK or USA at sea!

The first thing that really hit me when getting on the Preziosa, was the  Swarovski grand staircases in the atrium area, these are absolutely stunning, I was told by our MSC guide that each section of staircase cost £1.5 million! They are worth every penny in my opinion.  What an amazing feature, this has to be the most attractive ant glitzy Atrium I have ever seen.
When I arrived at my cabin, the WOW factor still remained, this cabin was amazing, comfortable and looked exceedingly modern. I love to see the little animals that are made up on the bed, and this cruise was no disappointment, our cabin attendant ‘Danil’ had a different animal every day for us. My cabin was cleaned every time I left it, new towels as often as you required them, these staff members certainly are very proud of what they do, and will help you with anything that they can. A colleague of ours needed something ironed and ‘Danil’ was only too happy to help.

The main restaurant (Golden Lobster) is gold and glitzy, and has a good menu, consisting of 8 courses, which I tried to sample as many as I could.  Many people like to use the buffet though for breakfast and lunch, which is very good and has a lot of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables. It is very good compared to other buffet experiences I have had on other ships. The “Eataly” restaurants, which are a big Italian chain, was very good and had a more formal set menu section and more informal section. The additional charge was about 30 Euros for the set menu, and in the other section around 5 to 7 Euros per item. There are plenty speciality restaurants to try if you like to experience that something a little more special for an occasion or special occasion.

Around the ship there are literally dozens of bars and snack places that you can enjoy a few cocktails, pizza, or sample some of the amazing cakes that the ship has to offer. The cakes are a must if you are on this ship and they will not disappoint.

Entertainment is varied and aimed at a young and family audience. There is the amazing and very long “Vertigo” waterslide ride, the longest waterslide at sea, which goes over the edge of the sea, a 4-D Cinema, Formula 1 Racing simulator and even bowling. The shows in the theatre are aimed to please families with lots of music and acrobatics. There are also a lot of pool options, with a large outdoor pool, a covered pool that can have the roof opened and an “infinity” style pool at the rear of the ship. There is a huge and very good gym. It was very popular, which is a function of the passenger profile which was younger and active.
“Vertigo” was my highlight! I love waterparks and being able to ride this long and high slide at sea was just fantastic. I went on it 9 times in 4 days in the limited time I had as there was so much else to do.
An exclusive feature of MSC Preziosa – and of all fantasia-class ships in the MSC fleet – is the MSC Yacht Club. Privileged passengers staying in the 69 exclusive MSC Yacht Club suites will be able to take advantage of the private bar, solarium, hydro-massage pools, and the spectacular glass-walled observation lounge with amazing ocean views. A butler service will offer assistance at check-in, transport luggage, unpack, serve traditional English afternoon tea as well as arranging cigars and beverages, booking tables at restaurants, treatments in the MSC Aurea Spa, ad hoc excursions and even arrange private parties.
One thing that I found to be a must on my trip on board MSC Preziosa was the Allegrissimo drinks package.
Rather than paying for each drink individually, this package can be added on so that you have paid in advance and you can sit back, relax and enjoy all that it has to offer!
With Allegrissimo, you can use the package 24 hours a day, with all your favourite drinks
ALLEGRISSIMO ADULT at £20 (per day) Unlimited wine by the glass (choice of 2 whites, 1 rosè, 2 reds, 2 sparkling wines – 1 dry and 1 sweet), draught beer, soft drinks, mineral water and a wide selection of drinks and cocktails and spirits from the bar, as well as take-away ice-cream in a cone or cup.
ALLEGRISSIMO CHILD at £10 (per day) Unlimited soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, hot drinks, virgin cocktails, smoothies and milkshakes, as well as take-away ice-cream in a cone or cup.
This package can be added on either before you go through your agent or online, or you can simply charge it to your account once you board the Preziosa.

Each day our Cabin attendant ‘Danil’ left us a copy of the ‘Daily Programme’ This would give us all of the information on what was happening the following day and at what time. It gave you the details of the port of call for that day, with what weather to expect and what the dress attire should be worn for that evening. The ‘Daily Programme’ is also the way to find out about all of the entertainment that is going to be on board. Activities such as bowling, Bingo even through to what shows will be on in the theatre that night. You can also find offers on here for the shops on board, and photographic services to name just a few.. There is really never a dull moment to be had on the preziosa!

Once we arrived at La Goulette, the first thing that we saw when we stepped off the ship was a group of camels gathering ready for you to hop on. This is an amazing thing to experience at only 5 euros for 2 people, the experience is somewhat fantastic. Lots of giggles were had I can tell you!

After our ride on Ali Baba, we decided to journey off into the nearest town of Sidi Bou Said.. Taking a local taxi from just outside the port cost just 10 euros for 4 of us.  Sidi Bou Said was a lovely town full of local authentic market stalls with lots of bargains to be had at very cheap prices. Our taxi driver took us down to the local marina here which was full of magnificent yachts. The marina joined on to an amazing beach, this is where we could not resist a swim! The water was warm and the sea was crystal clear.. A lovely way to spend your visit to this lovely port of call.

During the 4 days on MSC Preziosa, the activities and entertainment we found to be plentiful and out of this world. There were shows on in the theatre twice every evening, there was lots going on in all of the different lounges and bars.

Another surprise that I was in for on this massive floating resort known as MSC Preziosa, was the amount of swimming pool / Jacuzzi / water facilities that were on the ship. Not just one or two, literally more than I could even count. Of course you have the main pool area on the main deck, but then you have the infinity pool overlooking the back of the ship where you can lie and watch the sun go down in the evening, you also have the pool which has the retractable roof, the pool in the Yacht club, the Jacuzzis dotted around all over the ship, and if that wasn’t enough you have the kids water park and the longest water slide at sea!

At the end of the night, once you have sampled all the amazing things that this cruise has to offer, why not head on down to the disco / night club and dance away in to the wee hours, which is exactly what we did!


Rhian Saile