January 20th 2018


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River Cruising


Continent: Europe. Country: Germany. City: Berlin.

River Cruising

By Michaela Riley, Ashley Adams Worldchoice

Hi my name is Micci and this is my blog all on River cruising one of my favourite holidays. My husband and I plan 2/3 river cruises every year as they sell so well. We have our own coach and use P&O ferries to get us to the other side. Having been on small ships like The MPS Amsterdam and MPS Lady Anne, we have now found other ships through Dutch cruise line MPS Princess is currently my favourite having become friends with the captain and the crew I know we are guaranteed a fabulous time with excellent service. Through Dutch cruise line we can charter in the ship with an itinerary to suit them and us. In July we did a trip going from Berlin to Poland and yes it really was an amazing trip so nice to see all our clients happy and enjoying themselves. With a buffet breakfast, morning coffee, buffet lunch, afternoon coffee and cake followed by a four course evening meal I can safely say none of us starved!!! We managed to fit in a city tour of Berlin before we joined the ship which was well worth seeing. On one of the days we were on the Havel Canal and entered the bridge and spoke to the captain who then arranged for a day boat to take us on the biggest boat lift in Europe for 6 euro’s a head, all the clients went on it. On the 13th July it was my husband’s 50th and I brought a few banners and balloons to decorate the lounge, went and spoke to some clients and came back to find the crew had completely decorated the lounge. It was nice to see such a great effort made by the crew. Of course that evening it was the world cup final and with the other party on the ship all German you can guess who had the seats in front of the TV, nice that they won and all celebrated together. We had special nights on the ship like pirate’s night and Captains night were we all get a chance to dress up. As we are the ones bringing the clients to the ship we are seated at the captain’s table for all meals and on this trip I sat next to the captain for Dinner on captain’s night. Another one of the days we were docked in settin and had a city tour whilst there. Next stop was Stralsund a lovely city a five minute walk and we were in the centre. Another thing nice about these ships as they hold 100 passengers so fairly small they can dock nice and close to all places and you can even go out on a night and drink local schnapps and beer. The ships we pick also have a musician on board so you are guaranteed entertainment every evening.

On the 30th April 2014 we brought another group onto the MPS Alegria and this was a Rhine cruise starting and finishing in Cologne. This trip was to see the Rhine in Flames in Bonn. Sailing through the beautiful Rhine seeing all the beautiful castles and stopping at some well known beautiful places like Rudesheim, Boppard, Koblenz, Heidelberg and Cologne. It would be rude not to call into Rudesheim for a wine tasting followed by a Famous Rudesheim coffee. I also have to say the ice cream is a best I’ve ever had. We decided to take the coach up to the top of the monument in Rudesheim and give the clients the chance to get the cable car back down into the town and make their own way back to the ship. Sailing through Bonn for the Rhine in Flames was ok but it would have been nice to have been docked in Bonn to join in the atmosphere with the locals drinking local beer and eating bratwurst but sitting on the top deck of the ship watching the fireworks, letting the crew pass nibbles round us all and serve us drinks on top deck was still a nice way to watch the Rhine in Flames. The Alegria is the only ship on the Rhine with a lift on it that takes you to all the decks. We advertised this trip as a holiday for the less mobile and it sold well. The history of this ship is it was built in the 60’s as a Hospital ship as there was no space in Rotterdam to build one. Cologne is a huge city with a magnificent cathedral. My husband took me onto the bridge with a lock and clipped it on to the bridge and threw the key into the water, as this is a tradition and a way to keep your love sealed, yes smooth I know! On our route home after leaving our lovely ship we head back into Delphi or Gouda depending on what time we have before heading to Rotterdam to catch the ferry back. Delphi and Gouda are quite alike both sell lovely cheese and pancakes. From all the trips we have done 2 x Rhine in Flames 1 x taster Rhine Cruise 1 x Rhine to Switzerland 1 x Elbe Cruise 1 x Berlin to Poland I can safely say I’ve enjoyed them all, so nice to experience new rivers and new ships and meet new captains and crew, for 2015 we have three trips organised one in June the BUGA this is a horticultural river cruise with visits to all least five gardens/Flower shows. Our October trip is Cruising through the Ardennes and third trip New Year in Rotterdam. We plan to do as many as we can as we feel that this product is so popular now and younger clients are going more and more which is nice to see, we can also offer these holidays as cycling holidays which then also appeals to new clients. The cycles are already on board the ship for anyone to use.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.

Thank you


Michaela Riley
Ashley Adams Worldchoice Driffield

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